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Stutthof (Debut Album) "Towards thy Astral Path​.​.​" (SOLD OUT)

by Acherontas



Recorded in 2001-2002 and Released by Battlefield Productions in CD Format.Drums by Warhead.Special Guest in Lyrics RWD.
Re-releases that took place in the pass of years were:
Lp version by Dark Side Records on 2007 plus two new Recordings.
A double cd Compilation by Battlefield Records in 2012 including the album and Tracks taken from eps.
A digipack edition of the Lp version by White wolf in 2015.
Tape Edition by Nightbirds productions in 2003.

An album that united two parts.A Dayside,that was dedicated to the Ancient Tradition,Rune Magick and Ancestor's Teachings.The Nightside part Dedicated to the Vampyrism & Astral Magick/Dream Workings and to the Ancient Dragon Goddess.Two parts with a common approach.The Blood.. But with a different approach..For Different purposes.
An Era back then,when the Term Occult was really Hidden and sacred,before corrupted by the Masses after 2009 of a trend/Hipster and political correct Decadence.

Your Pain is our Pleasure..
Your Death is our Existence...
Your Soul make Us Reborn....
and your Blood is the Wine of Ancient Gods!
(Acherontas V.Priest 2002)


released August 14, 2016



all rights reserved


Acherontas Greece

Acherontas is a Magickal Coven Dedicated to the Ancient Summerian Mysteries of Drakonian Blood.Many Traditions embraced these Ancient sources as footprints and take form in our Void as Astral Vampirism,Hermeticism,Kabbalah,Dream Workings and Luciferian Magick.True Sorcery is not an Art,Is a science...
We are Real to Those with Eyes to see...
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Track Name: An Ode to Thee Ancient Great Goddess
Thy spell fire quards our path
Thy touch gives us strenght
Thy call invite us in the dreamworld
Thy winds take us far
Yet, thy candle lights our path
And now we cacll thee, as men, as demons, as Gods
Oh!, mother of Gods and men
Take our "blood", drink from us
Share with us this blackest sky
Embrace us in your serpent arms
The children of blood speaks the obe
for the great Goddess!
We are here to rise from death into life
... Waitingfor the moment we wil reach
The Final Truth...!
Track Name: In the Fields of the Stars
Within my dreams i'm flying
To embrace the serpent sign
And enter the astral gate
To carry my soul to atral forms

Through the veils of darkness
Our souls cross the fields of time
And sun light my chosen path
In the fields of frozen stars

Cold shadows embrace the moon
And whispers the words of "blood"
To accept the great goddess our offer
To feed upon and be reborn

Cause i am the predator
The mighty child of the dragon
Hail to thee i will embrace
Your pure visions in the fields of the stars
Track Name: Towards Thy Astral Path
Everytime i leave behind my fragile flesh
And use my magical wisdom
I taste my immortality for once more!
And when i'm walking between the lie and the truth
...The undeadsand the mortals
...Among the wolves and the sheeps
Then i know that i walk towards the astral path
The path that leads from earth to the skies
The path that sets my soul free
...And now the time has come...To Reap!
To give strenght to my communion
...In the name of eternity
I am a nightbird, i am wind, i am the sky!
I am a creature of forever, an endless dream
I Am He Who Walks Towards Thy Astral Path!
Track Name: The Feast of Everlasting Flame
The caves became the places of gathering
Woods and hills our sacred grounds
The moonlight shines the sacred rites
As the ancient flames still burning in time

The forest spells the chosen words
The words of creation and the words of decease
To take the wisdom from the ancient years
As i offer my self for the sacred rebirth

Fire rites burn in the misty cold woods
The swords raised to the flames
And the runes speak the truth:
"We Will Shall Prevail !!!"