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Acherontas/ Crimson Moon / Akrabu / Shibalba​(​Split Release) "Ana Harrani Sa Alaktasa La Tarat"

by Acherontas



oṃ śū nya tā jñā na va jra sva bhā vā tma ko 'haṃ
oṃ śūnyatā jñāna vajra svabhāvātmako 'haṃ

Neither dead nor dreaming, I slumber within the walls of water.
I create a new Death told in whispers, as I send you into a cycle of eternity.

Release in Digipak CD by Nihilwards productions.
Lp version by Art of Propaganda & Obscure abhorence.
Tape format by Tour de garde.

Acherontas Coven
V.P.9 ACHERONTAS: 6 Strings of infernal devastation, Chants & Spells of Drakonian sorcery
TIPHARETH:Hermetic Philosophy
AKHKHAR: 5 string Nexion of Disharmony
PARFAXITAS 450: Swords Of Shin Upon Martian Towers
C.DOCRE:Skulls & Bones

Special Session Performance:
Semjaza 218 & K.B.9
All Music by Acherontas coven.
Chants by Acherontas v.p.9 & Semjaza 218.
The new Rituals was recorded at Sitra Ahra Studios( January -March 2012.
Sound engineer Semjaza 218.
Produced,Mixed & Mastered by Semjaza 218 and Acherontas Coven.
Lyrics by Tiphareth.
Drums & vocals recordings, were performed at Manos G. studios.


released August 2, 2016



all rights reserved


Acherontas Greece

Acherontas is a Magickal Coven Dedicated to the Ancient Summerian Mysteries of Drakonian Blood.Many Traditions embraced these Ancient sources as footprints and take form in our Void as Astral Vampirism,Hermeticism,Kabbalah,Dream Workings and Luciferian Magick.True Sorcery is not an Art,Is a science...
We are Real to Those with Eyes to see...
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Track Name: Foolmoon and a Pale Lover
Waiting thy dawn amidst a barren summer:
I am thine to dive inside THY DESTINY
and to raise up from Thy Womb
Unborn-Undead again.
I adore thee, thou that art the
SEAS and the WANING MOON and the
beauty of the Tempest.
I caress thee, thou that art the
Holly peacock, the Cat of the Gods
and the sea-faring ship.
I want to taste from Thy lips myrh and the roar of GodS
I want to see Thy blood, painting skies in ember madness.
I want to shy the universe before your
Great Countenance.
Inside the Mirror of ice-through pale moonlight,
Through predatory eyes,
I am reborn,
Thy lips erase my memories and I remember at last:
I am The Child of the Ancient Ones.
I was born in Thy seas and now I dive again in Thou.
Tonight, Thy beauty will besiege the Paradise.