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  1. Acherontas (Full Album) "Amarta अमृत" (Formulas of Reptilian Unification Part II) Coming on 31/5 by W.T.C Productions.

  2. Acherontas/Slidhr " Death of the Ego / Chains of the Fallen"

  3. Acherontas/Nastrond (Collaboration CD)"Chthonic Libations"(Sold Out)

  4. Acherontas/Horna (Split Release) "Atavistic Resurgence"

  5. Acherontas (Full Length Album)"Ma​-​IoN Formulas of Reptilian Unification"

  6. Acherontas/Arditi/Puissance/Shibalba (Split Release) "Pylons of the Adversary"

  7. Acherontas (Live Release Recording) "Black Blood Ceremony"

  8. Acherontas (Full Length Album) "Amenti-Ψαλμοί αίματος και αστρικά οράματα"

  9. Acherontas/Nightbringer (Split Release) "The Ruins of Edom"

  10. Acherontas/ Crimson Moon / Akrabu / Shibalba(Split Release) "Ana Harrani Sa Alaktasa La Tarat"

  11. Acherontas(CD Compilation)15 Years Anniversary of Left Hand Path Esoterica

  12. Acherontas(Full Length Album)"Vamachara" वाम मार्ग

  13. Acherontas (EP) "Hermeticism"

  14. Acherontas (Full length Album) "Theosis"

  15. Acherontas / Drowning the Light (Split EP)

  16. Acherontas/Leviathan (Split Release) "Sic Luceat Lux"

  17. Acherontas/Necromantia (Split Release) "For the Temple of the Serpent Skull"

  18. Acherontas (Full Album) "Tat Tvam Asi-Universal Omniscience"

  19. Stutthof(Double CD Compilation) "Towards Thy Astral Path"

  20. Stutthof (Double CD Compilation ) "And Cosmos From Ashes to Dust"

  21. Stutthof (EP)"For the Glory of the Knights of the Temple"(SOLD OUT)

  22. Stutthof/Legion of Doom (Split EP) "Crossing the Bloodlines of Left Hand Path"(SOLD OUT)

  23. Stutthof/Legion Of Doom(Compilation Split CD)"Brotherhood of Drakkonian Royal Blood"(SOLD OUT)

  24. Stutthof/Satanic Warmaster Split 7EP (SOLD OUT)

  25. Stutthof(Compilation Tape) "Devotion to Black Arts"(SOLD OUT)

  26. Stutthof/Nemeton (Split Tape)"Beyond the Forests of Infernal Devastation"(SOLD OUT)

  27. Stutthof (Full Album)"And Cosmos from Ashes to Dust" Full Length (SOLD OUT)

  28. Stutthof (EP)"An Ode to Thee Ancient Great Goddess" (SOLD OUT)

  29. Stutthof (Debut Album) "Towards thy Astral Path.." (SOLD OUT)

  30. Stutthof/Gauntlets Sword(Split Release)"Into the White waters of Hellas/Hecate's Embrace" (SOLD OUT)

  31. Worship(Demo October 1997) "Through the Dark Age We Are Dreaming" (SOLD OUT)


Acherontas Greece

Acherontas is a Magickal Coven Dedicated to the Ancient Summerian Mysteries of Drakonian Blood.Many Traditions embraced these Ancient sources as footprints and take form in our Void as Astral Vampirism,Hermeticism,Kabbalah,Dream Workings and Luciferian Magick.True Sorcery is not an Art,Is a science...
We are Real to Those with Eyes to see...
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