1. "...Of Devil's Art & Magick..." 6way Split/Collaboration Release-Available in Digipack Format & High quality Digital Download by Zazen Sounds!

  2. Acherontas "Psychic Death - The Shattering Of Perceptions" Available now!

  3. Acherontas Faustian Rites over Brazil (Live Album recorded during the Latin America Tour in Sao Paolo)

  4. Acherontas "Deutschland Ritual" Eosforian Adversary European Tour 2019

  5. Acherontas "Formulas of Reptilian Unification " Deluxe Tape Box Set Trilogy (SOLD OUT)

  6. Acherontas (Full Length Album) "Faustian Ethos" (Formulas of Reptilian Unification Part III) by Agonia Records.Available in Digipack/Lp Editions & Official Merchandise

  7. Acherontas (Full Album) "Amarta अमृत" (Formulas of Reptilian Unification Part II).Available in Digipack​/​Lp Editions & Official Merchandise

  8. Acherontas/Slidhr " Death of the Ego / Chains of the Fallen"Out by W.T.C Records.Available in Digipack​​/​​Lp Editions.

  9. Acherontas/Nastrond (Collaboration Digipack Edition)"Chthonic Libations"(Sold Out) LP available by W.T.C Records.

  10. Acherontas/Horna (Split Release) "Atavistic Resurgence"Out by W.T.C Records.Available in Digipack​​/​​Lp Editions by W.T.C Records.

  11. Acherontas (Full Length Album)"Ma​-​IoN Formulas of Reptilian Unification"Out by W.T.C Records.Available in Special A5 Edition (Sold Out) Digipack​​/​​Lp Editions & Official Merchandise.

  12. Acherontas/Arditi/Puissance/Shibalba (Split Release) "Pylons of the Adversary"Out by W.T.C Records.Available in Digipack​​/​​Lp Editions.

  13. Acherontas (Live Release Recording) "Black Blood Ceremony"Digipack edition & LP by New Era Productions.

  14. Acherontas (Full Length Album) "Amenti-Ψαλμοί αίματος και αστρικά οράματα"Out by W.T.C Records.Available in Digipack​​/​​Lp Editions/Tape & Official Merchandise.

  15. Acherontas/Nightbringer (Split Release) "The Ruins of Edom" (Sold out)

  16. Acherontas/ Crimson Moon / Akrabu / Shibalba(Split Release) "Ana Harrani Sa Alaktasa La Tarat"Digipack edition by Nihilwards Productions (Sold out) Lp Edition by Obscure abhorence (Sold out)

  17. Acherontas(Double CD Compilation)15 Years Anniversary of Left Hand Path Esoterica by Darker Than Black Records (Sold Out)

  18. Acherontas(Full Length Album)"Vamachara" वाम मार्ग Digipack/Lp editions & Official Merchandise by Agonia Records

  19. Acherontas (EP) "Hermeticism" LP by W.T.C & Digipack by Agonia Records (Sold Out)

  20. Acherontas (Full length Album) "Theosis" In Digipack/LP Editions & Official Merchandise

  21. Acherontas / Drowning the Light (Split EP)SOLD OUT

  22. Acherontas/Leviathan (Split Release) "Sic Luceat Lux"

  23. Acherontas/Necromantia (Split Release) "For the Temple of the Serpent Skull"

  24. Acherontas (Full Album) "Tat Tvam Asi-Universal Omniscience"


Acherontas Greece

ACHERONTAS borned in 1996 by V.P.Sorcerer and was ever since true to its internal tenets and traditions, which deemed the band as a "Magical Coven, dedicated to the Ancient Summerian Mysteries of Drakonian Blood".


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